Personal Profile

Michael Thomas Haschel
Age: 39
Born: Winamac, IN
Profession: Technology Professional

I am an IT Professional with expertise in a wide range of technologies within many industry settings. I have most recently demonstrated success as a partner of a technology company, based in Winamac, IN; managing technical repair, customer support, web development projects and our daily business processes. I am a well organized, results driven individual with a proven ability to implement procedures, standards and processes that can improve business functionality. I have solid management skills, with an exceptional ability to lead and motivate others. I am an excellent communicator. I am very focused on building strong client/team relationships. I hold dear that a real leader is more than having authority; it is more than having the technical training and following the proper procedures. Leadership is being the person others will gladly and confidently follow.

Professionally and personally I enjoy a challenge. So naturally, I tend to entertain myself with challenging pass times. I am an avid distance runner, Boston Marathon qualifier, hiker, fisherman, cyclist and table tennis aficionado, to name a few. I  keep an active life style. I am engaged to a lovely fiancée with two children that we have a wonderful time keeping up with, traveling to supporting them with all of their sports and extracurricular activities.


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